Dental Emergencies: How to Care for Your Teeth When Wearing Braces and Participating in Winter Sports

Whether you live in an area that gets snow and ice, or you travel to vacation spots to engage in winter sports, you need to be mindful of oral injuries, particularly when you are wearing braces! It’s always important to wear a mouth guard when engaging in potentially hazardous sports like basketball, lacrosse or football… Read more »

You Can Straighten Your Teeth Discreetly With the Help of Clarity™ ADVANCED Ceramic Braces

Our True Smile Orthodontics team is here to help you receive the top-notch, quality service you deserve when you come in for orthodontic treatment. Our goal is to help you achieve the beautifully straightened smile you’ve always wanted, by providing you with the right teeth-straightening option for your needs and lifestyle. To tailor this journey… Read more »

Today’s Modern Orthodontic Marvels Give You More Options For a Better Smile

With the new year around the corner, why not consider taking the next step to create a more beautiful smile? Orthodontics was initially a treatment that folks considered to be limited to children and teens, but today it is increasingly popular with adults. No matter what your age, orthodontic treatments can transform your smile by… Read more »

Wearing Lingual Braces Gives You Results Along With an Appealing Smile During Your Treatment!

Our experienced team at True Smile Orthodontics is dedicated to having you consider us your “dental estheticians.” We want to be your go-to orthodontic practice helping you get the straightened teeth and aligned bite you deserve! We have been serving patients in the Tulsa and Bixby, Oklahoma, areas as well as Glenpool, Sapulpa, Jenks, Broken… Read more »

Taking Care of Your Retainer and Your Aligned Smile

Once the hard work of straightening your teeth is completed, the next phase of your orthodontic treatment begins: keeping your teeth aligned with a retainer! You don’t want any setbacks after taking the time to get them straightened. This means wearing your retainer as prescribed by our orthodontist. It will allow bone tissue to rebuild… Read more »

Give Yourself the Gift of Straight Teeth With the Help of Invisalign® Technology

If you’re sad when you look in the mirror because all you can focus on are your crooked teeth but you also hate the idea of wearing braces, we have good news for you. At True Smile Orthodontics, we are proud to offer an innovative clear aligner system known as Invisalign®. Modern technology allows this… Read more »

Orthodontics Awareness Month: How Orthodontic Treatment Can Help You

October brings visions of ghosts, ghouls and goblins for children, but for adults, it is also National Orthodontic Health Month. Orthodontists around the country (including us) like to celebrate this time by spreading awareness about the benefits of straight teeth and an aligned bite. Orthodontic Fun Facts – There are about four million people wearing… Read more »

Keep Your Teeth and Braces Safe With the Foods You Eat

When you are wearing braces, nothing feels quite as important as what kinds of food you can eat. The wrong food can damage your braces or stain your teeth, particularly berries, curry sauce or grape juice. Protecting your new bands, archwires and brackets along with your teeth and gums quickly rise to the top of… Read more »

Head Back to School With the Right Tools!

It is that time of year again where your children are headed back to school with their new backpacks, notepads and pencils! If they have braces, they will need some extra items in their backpack and locker. Our team wants to make sure your children are equipped with the tools they need to have a… Read more »

Problems That Can Arise From a Misaligned Bite

Did you know there is a lesser-known cause for headaches that can be attributed to malocclusion? Malocclusion occurs when the jaws and teeth are misaligned due to abnormal positioning of the teeth when the jaws close. This can cause an overbite, underbite, crossbite or teeth crowding. While people often try to get their malocclusion treated… Read more »