Digital impression machine
If you’ve ever had any sort of dental work done, chances are you had to have an impression taken. Until recently, this meant using trays filled with a thick, disgusting putty and fighting down your gag reflex. If you were really lucky, it also meant repeating the process two or three times because some tiny thing was wrong with the finished impression, making the entire thing useless.

If you are a fan of all of that, then True Smile Orthodontics probably isn’t for you.

Why? Because times have changed, and we have embraced an era of goop- and gag-free dental impressions. Drs. Chris and Martin use the iTero® Element™ digital scanner to make precision digital impressions of your mouth, all without the paste. The future is truly here!

Impressions are needed to plan any orthodontic treatment. They are also used to fabricate clear aligners, such as Invisalign®. In the past, defects in traditional impressions meant that they needed to be taken again in order to begin or progress with treatment. The Element scanner results in significantly fewer rejected impressions and fit issues associated with paste impressions. They can also be communicated digitally, meaning your ortho process is faster and more seamless.

Like we said, if comfortable, more effective impressions aren’t really your thing, then maybe we aren’t for you. But if they are, we invite you to call our friendly office at 918-364-2222 or click the “Schedule an Appointment” button to plan your consultation. We’re excited to meet you!