Headgear Fundamentals

If your son or daughter has braces installed on his teeth at True Smile Orthodontics in Tulsa and Bixby, Oklahoma, there’s a possibility that your orthodontist, Dr. Chris Trockel may counsel them to wear headgear for part of the orthodontic experience. Headgear is a word for an external orthodontic appliance which uses a specified type… Read more »

How to Keep Cavities at Bay When Aligning Your Smile with Braces

Cavities are very inconvenient and troublesome, especially when you have braces. This is why your orthodontist, Dr. Chris Trockel, strongly encourages you to avoid cavities as much as possible while you align your smile with braces. To help you do so, he has some helpful tips for you. First, brush your teeth frequently. It’s recommended… Read more »

Caring For Your Retainer

Retainers are amazing. Why is that? Well, when your braces come off, your teeth can sometimes slip back into their old alignment. Retainers can keep your teeth in their correct position, helping you maintain the straight and healthy smile for which you’ve worked so hard. Your retainer helps you, so return the favor. That way… Read more »

There Are Minor Things You Can Do to Help Prevent Damaged Braces

The braces installed in your mouth by the orthodontists at True Smile Orthodontics represent a significant investment in correcting the alignment and position of your teeth. This is done by attending routine adjustment sessions with Dr. Chris Trockel every four to six weeks. Each of these sessions will tighten your braces to apply a minute,… Read more »

You Will Need to Use a Retainer to Ensure Your Teeth Remain in Their New Alignment

Braces can play a very important role in correcting the alignment and position of your teeth. The successive adjustments at Dr. Chris Trockel’s orthodontic clinic have gradually brought your teeth into their ideal orientation, to give you a more appealing smile while reducing your chances of suffering chipped teeth and dental attrition. Now that this… Read more »

Keep a Healthy Brace Care Regimen to Preserve Your Smile

Preserving your braces and oral hygiene throughout the realignment process is very important. Damaged braces or multiple cavities could alter the tension on your braces dramatically and increase the amount of time it takes to properly correct the alignment of your teeth. Dr. Chris Trockel and our professional team want to ensure you don’t experience… Read more »

Benefits of Braces for Adults

If you have minor deviations in your teeth that were not corrected as a child, you can still suffer dental damage if these are not corrected. Lucky for you, as an adult, you can get braces here at True Smile Orthodontics! To schedule a consultation or appointment, give our dental office a call at 918-364-2222!… Read more »

Protect Your Smile with a Custom Mouth Guard

Do you want a lasting smile while playing sports? One of the best things you can do to protect your teeth is using a mouth guard during these competitive activities. Dr. Chris Trockel and his dental associates want you to protect your smile no matter what kind of physical activity. Mouth guards are designed to… Read more »

A Clear Plastic Retainer Might be Needed After Braces

Minor deviations can occur in the alignment of your teeth from a wide range of sources. This could be the result of a missing tooth, an uncorrected alignment problem from childhood, or natural changes in the structure of your jaw. Once your teeth have been corrected by traditional braces or a brand clear plastic braces… Read more »

Minor Alignment Issues in Your Dentition Can Cause Significant Dental Dysfunction

As you age, it’s possible for the alignment of your teeth to gradually change. This could be the result of several different things. Tooth loss, past oral hygiene problems and changes in facial structure can all play a role in modifying your dentition. This can be a gradual process that might go unnoticed at first…. Read more »