When you hear the word “orthodontics” you usually think of those awkward teenage years and kids trying to get out of school picture day because they don’t want to flash a mouthful of metal for the camera. And yes, braces and other orthodontics are usually a part of life for the high school and junior high crowd, although many adults and even 80 year-olds are spiffing up their smiles these days. But like most things in life, like studying for an exam, mowing the lawn or renewing your driver’s license, waiting until the last minute to consider orthodontics can cause some problems. Just ask all those 80 year-olds. This is why your child should join the 7-Up Club at True Smile Orthodontics!

A child should have their first orthodontic screening by the time they are seven years old (That’s why it’s the 7-Up Club, get it?). By the time your child is seven, their jaws have reached the point that our orthodontists, Dr. Chris Trockel and Dr. Martin Trockel, can spot issues that could cause problems for your child’s smile down the road. Our doctors can decide what we should do for your child and when we should start. Some of the problems a screening can prevent include:

• Jaw misalignment and TMJ disorders
• Harmful oral habits (such as finger sucking or tongue thrusting)
• Trauma from protruding front teeth
• Airway issues, contributing to breathing problems and sleep apnea
• Speech issues

Our doctors can also detect any developmental problems and start early treatment if necessary. Keep in mind that early intervention may not prevent the need for orthodontics as your child gets older, but it may mean that the treatments do not have to last as long, which will be easier on your child and your wallet.

If your child is turning the Big 7 soon, take a break from blowing up balloons and call 918-364-2222 to get your child into the 7-Up Club and to schedule their orthodontic screening for the areas of Bixby, Glenpool, Sapulpa, Jenks, Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Owasso and Okmulgee, Oklahoma. Or simply click the “Schedule an Appointment” button in the upper righthand corner.