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You’ve probably seen by now, a few posts on our website and throughout Facebook our excitement about our new iTero Element Scanner. Well we figured we’d give you some additional information about this amazing device, and why it’s a benefit to you our patients.

First of all, True Smile Ortho is the only office that has access to the iTero Element Scanner in the Greater Tulsa Area. Dr. Trockel is the OiTerorthodontist that stays on the cutting edge of technology so that you, the patient, will have an experience that continues to increase in quality, and efficiency.

The common emotion that goes with taking a visit to the dentist/orthodontist is generally unhappy. Patients are afraid that their visit will be a painful one. Well, now due to this new technology, visits to our office will be a trip to look forward to. The iTero Element Scanner has changed quite a bit about the orthodontic field. When Dr. Trockel uses this device he is able to avoid taking impressions and he doesn’t even have to use that gross pasty, cement like, goopy stuff that no one likes! The iTero Element Scanner will give Dr. Trockel a perfect digital impression of his patient’s mouth which allows him to the patient a customized personal treatment. This helps patients who want Invisalign due to the perfect scan this device gives.

This version of the iTero Element Scanner is 20x faster than any previous models and 40% lighter. It comes on a custom wheel stand so that it can be easily transported from patient to patient. The iTero Element Scanner is scans in 3D so that the patient can see exactly what Dr. Trockel is seeing. It also saves the data as it’s being scanned so the doctor can go back and view what was scanned. And it’s all scanned in color!

Other offices requesting the iTero Element Scanner are on a 4-6 month waiting list. Why wait that long when we have this device in our office right now?! This technology is available right here in your town! Schedule your appointment today!