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Do you want a lasting smile while playing sports? One of the best things you can do to protect your teeth is using a mouth guard during these competitive activities. Dr. Chris Trockel and his dental associates want you to protect your smile no matter what kind of physical activity.

Mouth guards are designed to protect the upper teeth as well as any other damage such as cutting or biting the lips. This is especially important for those who wear braces. Risks include lip or cheek lacerations, root damage, chipped/broken teeth, a fractured jaw, or damaging a restoration.

Three different mouth guards include custom-made, “boil and bite,” or stock mouth guards. Custom-made mouth guards are designed specifically for your mouth, measured by your dentist for the best fit and protection. An impression is made of your teeth then modeled to create it. These tend to cost more but fit and feel better, preferred by many athletes.

“Boil and bite” mouth guards are constructed in a pre-made shape, and then altered when put in boiling water until it’s soft enough to bite into. You can find these at many sporting goods stores, and can work great if directions are followed closely. Stock mouth guards are an inexpensive protectant that usually don’t fit very well and can make breathing a little difficult.

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