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As you age, it’s possible for the alignment of your teeth to gradually change. This could be the result of several different things. Tooth loss, past oral hygiene problems and changes in facial structure can all play a role in modifying your dentition.

This can be a gradual process that might go unnoticed at first. Even if you accept the unappealing appearance of your smile some of your misaligned teeth could still suffer significant dental dysfunction. As time goes on, multiple teeth could start to rub together at an unhealthy angle. This could cause enamel attrition, chips, tooth decay, and dental fractures.

One convenient way to correct the alignment of your teeth is to have one of our certified practitioners fit you for True Smile Aligners. Our special clear plastic aligners are can gradually realign the position of your teeth. When you are wearing them the cause observer will struggle to even notice they are in your mouth.

As your teeth gradually change their orientation you will need to switch out to a new set of aligners. Each set is tuned one step closer to the ideal alignment of your teeth. This will gradually reduce your chances of suffering dental alignment problems in the future.

Your orthodontic True Smile specialists can identify the severity of your alignment issues and determine the number of aligners needed to fully correct your smile. Once this is done, you might need to use a clear plastic retainer to ensure that your teeth remain in their alignment.

If you’re interested in having the alignment of your teeth corrected with True Smile Aligners, you should call 918-364-2222 to reach one of our offices in Bixby and Tulsa, Oklahoma.