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In the past, if you wanted Botox injections you would have to go to a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Fewer doctors would perform such a procedure because Botox was not as common. Of course this made this procedure much more expensive. But today, Orthodontists, with the right training, can do Botox injections. Botox injections are used for smoothing out crows feet, smile lines, and wrinkles around the face.
In present day, an Orthodontist can treat facial aesthetics right along with their usual orthodontic treatments. Receiving Botox treatments can also assist orthodontic/dental treatment as well as the cosmetic enhancements they provide. shutterstock_289564919

There are many patients that suffer from grinding their teeth. Many times Botox can help those suffering from bruxism issues such as, weakening muscle contraction that’ll take place during the night. Botox can also help with facial pain and certain types of migraines. Having an Orthodontist with this type of advanced training can inject Botox to also help in these areas.

When receiving this treatment by a trained professional, the complications and risks are very low with this procedure. Providing you with a safe dosage by your experienced orthodontist will reduce the risk of bruising, skin redness, and swelling.

It is important to consider that Orthodontists are best placed to do Botox procedures because they have an intimate knowledge of the anatomy of the face.

If you are considering receiving Botox treatment, be sure to find the right Orthodontist. Not every Orthodontist performs this treatment, so you’ll need to find an Orthodontist with this type of experience. Make sure that your Orthodontist is certified, and has experience in performing Botox injections.

Dr. Trockel has both the experience as well as the certification to administer Botox treatments at an affordable price. Schedule a free consultation today!