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Some people find that the metal brackets and wires of traditional braces leave them feeling self-conscious about their smiles. Fortunately, your orthodontist, Dr. Chris Trockel, can address these concerns by applying ceramic braces in your mouth. These are just like traditional wire-and-bracket braces except the visible hardware has been glazed with a special ceramic material. Since it can be shaded to match the surrounding tooth enamel, it makes the braces much harder for people to notice.

You will need to maintain good oral hygiene habits throughout the alignment process. If you develop cavities on multiple teeth, it could increase the total duration of time needed to achieve your ideal smile.

Your braces and teeth will need to be brushed twice a day to remove food particles and plaque from teeth and hardware. You should then floss once each evening. Be sure to clean between your teeth and floss behind your last molar and into your gumline. If you’re having issues cleaning hard-to-reach places, you might want to try using some special oral hygiene tools. This might include using interdental brushes, an oral irrigator, or a floss threader loaded with waxed dental floss.

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