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It can be extremely frustrating to get your braces only to have one of the brackets fall off. Why does this happen? Is there a way to avoid it? There are actually a number of reasons why this might happen, and it is something that happens more often than you might think. Here are three possible reasons you have experienced bracket failure.

The Placement of the Bracket
The Patient
The Tooth Itself
When applying the brackets it is important that the tooth has been cleaned and dried before the bracket has been sealed to the tooth. Sometimes the tooth will not be as clean as it appears therefore allowing the bracket to eventually fall off. There are also some cements that might not be as strong and saliva and water can eventually loosen the bracket. Some Orthodontists will fiddle around with the bracket trying to get it in just the right place. Usually this is fine, but sometimes it can weaken the cement and the ultimate result will be a loose bracket.

shutterstock_99252848Bracket failure can also be caused by the patient. Once the braces have been bound to the teeth, the Orthodontist will give instructions to the patient on what is acceptable and unacceptable to eat, how to clean the teeth properly now that they have braces, and so forth. For some patients this change can be a difficult transition. During this change in eating and cleaning habits, there can be instances where a patient will forget what not to eat and their bracket can be removed from the tooth.

And finally, brackets can be dislodged from the tooth because of the tooth itself. Sometimes the bond will not be as strong due to the type of enamel that is on the tooth. If your tooth has a chalky or white look to it, or a variety of dental deficiencies, the bond strength may be weaker than usual.

Be sure to look over your braces every day when you’re brushing to ensure that the brackets are still fully attached. Many patients will tell their orthodontist that the brackets came loose during brushing, chances are, they were loose before you began to brush. Just push the bracket with your finger. If it moves without the tooth moving, it has most likely detached. Whenever you have a bracket that has fallen off, be sure to set an appointment and have it