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There’s more to getting braces than getting straight teeth and a brilliant, confidence-inspiring smile. While those are certainly great benefits of getting braces, it’s good to understand just how much braces help in other areas.

Dr. Chris Trockel and Dr. Martin Trockel at True Smile Orthodontics in Tulsa and Bixby, Oklahoma are committed to helping you have the best oral health possible. Part of achieving that goal is having straight teeth. Not because they look better – even though they do – but because straight teeth lead directly to a huge improvement in your overall oral health.

Wonder how that’s possible? Let’s take a look.

Healthy teeth
The biggest benefit you get from having braces is improved tooth health. Straight teeth are much healthier than crooked ones. The reason for that is crooked teeth trap debris – and are more conducive to plaque buildup – than straight teeth. The nooks and crannies with crooked teeth are a haven to cavities and other issues to develop.

Oral health aside, braces do help your self-esteem immensely. If you’re proud of how you look, and not afraid to smile, you’ll be that much more confident in various social settings. From job interviews to dates, a straight smile gives you a lot of things you didn’t have before.

Our team understands the need for braces, and we’re here to help you get the best orthodontic treatment possible. We want you to have a healthy smile you can’t help but show off. To get started, call us today at 918-364-2222.