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Our experienced team at True Smile Orthodontics is dedicated to having you consider us your “dental estheticians.” We want to be your go-to orthodontic practice helping you get the straightened teeth and aligned bite you deserve! We have been serving patients in the Tulsa and Bixby, Oklahoma, areas as well as Glenpool, Sapulpa, Jenks, Broken Arrow, and Okmulgee, Oklahoma create the healthy-looking smiles they want (and deserve)!

Advanced Technology & Skills
Our orthodontists, Dr. Chris Trockel and Dr. Martin Trockel couple with our technologically advanced orthodontic office have what it takes to make straight teeth happen, thanks to our iTero® Element™ scanner, a 3D printer, and panoramic and CEPH X-rays and exceptional orthodontic skills!

When it comes to braces, we GET how people feel about “metal mouth” and we do everything we can to help you look and feel your best while straightening your teeth. So, while clear aligners aren’t the avenue for everyone, we can still discreetly straighten your teeth using metal braces! Thanks to lingual braces, you can get the straight teeth you need without your smile looking like a haven for metalwork.

Lingual braces offer you the freedom to get orthodontic treatment and still look your best when socializing or interacting with people in your work, school or social circles. You can freely speak and smile with confidence knowing all people will see are your pearly whites. So, what can you expect with lingual braces?

With Lingual Braces:

-You will be straightening your teeth the whole time you wear your braces
-You don’t have to worry about taking out any parts of your appliance
-Your braces can be personalized to YOUR unique needs
-Your braces will feel minimal discomfort after adjustments

All of this is possible because your lingual braces will be placed onto the BACK of your teeth! Wearing the metal parts behind your teeth means the front of your smile looks normal and visually appealing. This also means you can discreetly and effectively correct your alignment without worrying about people focusing on the metal in your mouth.

Lingual braces are great at fixing rotations, closing gaps between teeth from extractions or lost teeth as well as even out the height of your teeth. Another plus is that if you do get white spots or discoloration from your braces, they will be on the INSIDE of the teeth instead of the outside so they won’t be visible as when metal or ceramic braces come off.

If thinking about lingual braces excites you, we welcome you to give us a call today at 918-364-2222 to learn more and schedule your consultation!