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The braces installed in your mouth by the orthodontists at True Smile Orthodontics represent a significant investment in correcting the alignment and position of your teeth. This is done by attending routine adjustment sessions with Dr. Chris Trockel every four to six weeks.

Each of these sessions will tighten your braces to apply a minute, yet the progressive amount of tension to the periodontal ligaments that anchor each of your teeth in its socket. If your braces are bent or damaged in any way it can release some of this tension, thus increasing the amount of time it takes to fully correct your smile.

To help prevent this from happening Dr. Chris Trockel and his associates recommend adopting a few minor lifestyle changes. Embracing these small things can significantly reduce your chances of suffering complications during the realignment process.

Sticky foods and chewing gum can place your braces at increased risk for significant damage in a variety of ways. The suction could potentially loosen a bracket loose, bend a wire, or dislodge a spacer.

Eating hard foods could also damage your braces by bending a wire, breaking a band, or even knocking a bracket free from the face of a tooth. This also extends to other activities like chewing on ice, biting your fingernails, or improvising your teeth as tools.

If you notice some part of your braces has become bent or damaged, you should not delay in having it repaired at Dr. Chris Trockel’s orthodontic clinic.

If you had braces installed at True Smile Orthodontics’s orthodontic clinic in Bixby or  Tulsa, Oklahoma, and you have a problem, you can always call 918-364-2222 to speak to a staff member at True Smile Orthodontics.