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Many people out there have hesitated to have orthodontic treatment doneTrueSmile-Services-Incognito-Image,because they are afraid that they will be made fun of. Perhaps “Metal Mouth”, rings a bell, or “Train Tracks”. Some are worried at being poked fun at, some feel like they are too old to have braces and feel like people might give them a hard time for getting braces at an older age. Well, there are many options now that will both straighten your teeth as well as keep the fact that you’re going through the process under wraps. Incognito Braces will put your teeth in their proper place, but won’t give you the typical discomfort that can come from traditional braces. Here are some reasons to consider getting Incognito Braces.

They are behind your teeth!

Incognito Braces are different from traditional braces because they are fitted and contoured behind the teeth. So while you’re having your teeth straightened, most people won’t even notice, and you’ll be able to flash the smile people are accustomed to seeing from you.


What makes Incognito Braces so effective is they are custom for each and every patient. Here at True Smile Ortho, we have the iTero Scanner, which gives a perfect impression of your teeth. With this digital impression, we are able to design the brackets to fit each tooth perfectly, therefore giving you excellent results.


There will be an expected period of adjustment when you are first fitted with Incognito Braces, but after that, most find them to be quite comfortable. So it’s nice to have your teeth being straightened without having to go through any pain or discomfort you may have heard about from others who have received traditional braces.

Easy to Clean

As we all know, it is very important to keep our gums and teeth cleaned. This is especially important while wearing Incognito Braces. Because they have been fitted to the backside of your teeth, the front of your teeth and gums will be as easy to clean as ashutterstock_155143157lways. You can even still floss while wearing Incognito Braces! It’s almost as if you’re not wearing braces at all. So keep those teeth clean while they’re being straightened.

If you’ve been wanting braces for a long time, but don’t want all of that metal showing up, notifying the world that you’re trying to have straight teeth, then Incognito Braces might be the perfect option you’ve been looking for. Make an appointment with Dr. Trockel today! Your favorite Tulsa Orthodontist!