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So Easter is just a couple days away. One of the best parts of easter are the amazing treats that come with this beautiful spring holiday. Whether it be jelly beans, pastel colored M&M’s, chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs, dyed hard boiled eggs, or even Peeps (does anyone really like Peeps?), we certainly get our fill of sugar.

Now it’s almost impossible to avoid sugar and candy during Easter time. And honestly, we get it, who wants to miss out on all the delicious goodies just because you have braces? So here are a few tips on how to let your child with braces, or if you are that child, how to enjoy the Easter candy, while making sure you or your child’s orthodontic work stays intact.

Brush your teeth!- This is a very important time to remember to brush those teeth that will soon be straight. Sugar can not only rot away the adhesive connecting the braces to your teeth, but the sugar can get under that adhesive and do major damage to the teeth as well. So if you notice that you’ve been eating a bunch of candy, go brush your teeth really quick before you go do anything else. This will keep your teeth in good shape, and keep your braces where they are supposed to be. By doing this simple step, you’ll avoid having to take an extra trip to the orthodontist. And as much as we like seeing you come to our office, we want to see progress, not have to go back and fix something just because you didn’t brush your teeth.shutterstock_61208737
Avoid sticky Candy- There are so many types of candy to choose from during Easter, it won’t hurt you to avoid some of these candies. Sticky candies like jelly beans are not the best thing to be eating when you have braces. The stickiness can pull the brackets right off. So try some other candy this year and avoid anything that will damage your teeth and braces.
Avoid hard candy- Hard candies like jawbreakers, or suckers are fine if you eat them properly. If you just suck on them until they dissolve, they usually won’t be a problem. Of course you need to be sure you brush your teeth, but we know you’ll do that. The problem is, many times, people will bite into suckers or jawbreakers to speed up the proces. This is bad for your braces, but it’s really bad for your teeth. If you are biting into a hard candy it can crack your teeth. So be carefull. Might just want to avoid hard candy all together.
Easter is a great time of year to enjoy delicious treats. But when you have braces, this might be the time to skip some of these sweets. It is better to take good care of your teeth and braces. We get it. These sugar filled candy is something to look forward to. But this year, skip a few treats, brush those teeth, and you’ll be happy when your teeth are straight and in pearly white.