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Preserving your braces and oral hygiene throughout the realignment process is very important. Damaged braces or multiple cavities could alter the tension on your braces dramatically and increase the amount of time it takes to properly correct the alignment of your teeth. Dr. Chris Trockel and our professional team want to ensure you don’t experience this, so we want to provide the right information to better you braces care.

The alignment process requires adjustments to tighten your braces and gradually move your teeth into their ideal position by coming into our dental office to get these alterations every few weeks. This will lessen your chances of suffering dental fractures or attrition. Small changes in your food choices can prevent damage to your braces as well. Stay away from sticky and hard foods when wearing braces to avoid bending or damage. This can result in tension or loosening of your braces.

If you’re having difficulty flossing around your braces, you may want to try using floss threaders to floss between wires and teeth. This can help you effectively clean the gum line. The small angled brush head of interdental brushes can help clean areas of your mouth that are hard to reach. These can help remove food particles from the contours of your teeth and around braces.

Water flossers are also helpful for loosening food particles from hard to reach places and cleaning material from your gum line. If you are in the Tulsa & Bixby, Oklahoma, areas and you need assistance with your braces care, call True Smile Orthodontics at 918-364-2222 to make an appointment.