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If your son or daughter has braces installed on his teeth at True Smile Orthodontics in Tulsa and Bixby, Oklahoma, there’s a possibility that your orthodontist, Dr. Chris Trockel may counsel them to wear headgear for part of the orthodontic experience.

Headgear is a word for an external orthodontic appliance which uses a specified type of pressure to direct the development of the face and jaw. It is typically only recommended for preteens and teens whose jawbones are not yet fully developed. For more minor misalignments, braces adjustments, elastics and other treatments are usually adequate to correct the bite. In moderate to severe cases, headgear will probably be needed.

This appliance got its name because of the wires which connect both inside of the mouth and around the head. Your child and others may discover that this looks rather peculiar. You can encourage them by helping them to see the beneficial effects that it will create over a lifetime. Headgear can normalize the shape of your child’s jaw and face so that it is more shapely and beautiful. More importantly, it can thwart severe future dental issues such as TMJ disorder, bruxism and dental attrition.

Your child needs to remove their headgear while they are eating, sleeping, playing sports, or when they risk bumping into objects or people. This will help them evade damage to the appliance and injury to the mouth or head. Routine visits to the dentist and proper brushing and flossing are absolutely essential.

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