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Dr. Chris Trockel and Dr. Martin Trockel are here to help you care for your smile by addressing any tooth alignment issues that are impacting your oral health. If your teeth or jaws are out of alignment, you could experience other issues that decrease your oral health and cause you to have a smile you don’t want to show. We review the different types of malocclusions that can cause you to have a bad bite and require orthodontic treatment.

The incisors in your smile are a leading cause of many types of malocclusions because they often erupt in a position that causes them to rotate or stick out. These teeth are found in the front part of your smile and can result in malocclusions such as:

– Open bite
– Underbite (bulldog teeth)
– Deep bite
– misplaced midline
– Overbite (buck teeth)

Another option is a crossbite, in which the jaws don’t align well because the lower jaw protrudes beyond the upper jaw, preventing the teeth from achieving a healthy alignment and risking their chances of injury. Furthermore, if your teeth are widely or closely spaced or improperly rotated, they can cause irregularities in your smile that affect its health, appearance and quality.

If you suspect your smile would benefit from malocclusion treatment in Tulsa or Bixby, Oklahoma, we encourage you to call True Smile Orthodontics at 918-364-2222 and schedule a consultation with our orthodontists to discuss the likelihood of improving your oral alignment with orthodontics.