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As many of you know, the Tulsa State Fair is in full swing! I’m sure many of you have already been there. Hopefully you’ve taken a moment to stop by and see us at booth #119 on the lower level of the River Spirit Expo. We have a photo booth for you to capture the good times you’re having with your friends and family.


Another fun part about attending the fair is all the great fair food available. While I’m sure it would be fun to eat whatever you’d like while at the fair, with braces, you might be limited on what you can or cannot eat this year. Let’s take a look at a few foods to avoid at the fair while you have braces.

Meat off the bone- Now there is nothing quite as great as eating one of those huge turkey legs at the fair, or how about some delicious ribs? Well, you can still eat that delicious meat. I would just recommend cutting it off the bone before you eat it. When you eat the meat right off the bone, your brackets can become unglued. So by simply just getting that meat off the bone and eating it that way, you are saving yourself from an unnecessary visit to the orthodontist. Oh, and while we’re at it, if you’re going to eat corn, cut that off the cob as well. But you already knew that, didn’t you?!


Don’t Chew Ice!- It may be warm during the day at the fair, and you might want to get a drink with some ice in it. Well if that is so, just remember to refrain from chewing on the ice. The ice can cause damage to the brackets and wires by getting caught up in there. The ice can also do harm to your teeth. So drink your drink, and avoid chewing on the ice cubes.

Sticky Food- Now when it comes to fair food, it is hard to avoid fun food that is sticky and gooey. But this year, since you have braces, it’s a good idea to avoid these types of foods. Fairs will have all sorts of sticky food like, taffy, or licorice, and who can forget caramel and candied apples? But because these foods are so sticky, it’s important to avoid them. They will for sure break your braces, or cause the brackets to unglue. So, at least until you get your braces off, stay away from sticky fair food!


Popcorn- Now I know what you’re thinking, “What?! I can’t even eat popcorn?!!!”. Now I’m not saying no to popcorn. It’s delicious, and a staple at the fair. I’m just saying, be a little more cautious than normal when eating popcorn. Popped corn is great, and shouldn’t be a problem, but remember, there are those kernels that haven’t been popped. That’s where the damage to your braces lies. So just be aware that you’re not eating the kernel. They can get caught up in the wires of your braces and damage the braces, not to mention your gums. So just take small handfuls of popcorn and look it over before eating it. You will once again avoid an unnecessary visit to the orthodontist.

The Tulsa State Fair is full of good times, great food, and of course an awesome free and fun photo booth at the True Smile Ortho spot (Booth #119, lower level of the River Spirit Expo). And we get it, it’s hard to avoid eating all the great treats the fair has to offer. maybe while you have braces, just be a little more cautious so you don’t damage the braces while eating the great foods. That way we can get these braces off quicker, and you can come back to our photo booth, showing off your newly straightened pearly whites!