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The teenage experience is an awkward time in the life of anyone. That’s why most kids put up a huge fight if you try to get them to wear traditional metal braces, and perhaps rightfully so. That’s why your dentist, Dr. Chris Trockel offers ceramic coated braces as an alternative.

These type of braces function just like normal braces with metal wires and brackets, but to avoid drawing attention to itself, the braces are glazed in a special ceramic porcelain coating. The color of the coating is selected to match the shade of the wearer’s natural teeth. This helps people from noticing the braces in casual encounters.

It’s important that people wearing braces still brush and floss twice a day. However, you will want to avoid whitening toothpaste while wearing ceramic coated braces. The porcelain coating won’t stain, and using a whitening paste can change the color of your natural teeth from the shade the porcelain was selected to match. This can cause a mismatch between your braces and your teeth.

Another thing to remember is that dark foods and drinks can also stain your teeth, which can cause another potential mismatch. While your child can still enjoy dark foods like dark chocolate and berries, it’s advised that they do so in moderation and brush their teeth after eating them. It’s ok for them to drink sodas as well, but should do so by using a straw.

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