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Invisalign® is an innovation for patients who suffers from malocclusion or a poor bite. When teeth suffer from overcrowding or spacing issues, this can alter the set of the teeth and the contact between them. When the jaw closes—or completes this “bad bite”—this causes stress on the individual teeth and jaw. Though this appears often in children, adults suffer from teeth misalignment far more. In adult women, 8 percent suffer from spacing issues, and 24 percent suffer from crowding. In adult men, 14 percent of men suffer from crowding, and 13 percent suffer from spacing issues. While traditional braces can correct these symptoms, adult suffers may be hesitant to use this treatment. Whether because of physical discomfort or because they’re uncomfortable with the appearance of the metal appliance, braces are sometimes not a viable option for adult patients. Invisalign® and their products offer another solution.


Invisalign is a series of transparent appliances that fit over the teeth. Using 3-D modeling and imaging, these custom-fitted liners systematically move the teeth into the desired alignment. As soon as these teeth align, the upper and lower teeth and jaws can fit together, adjusting the patient’s bite. Studies show that Invisalign can relieve malocclusion symptoms through this alignment of the teeth. And because the appliances are clear, adults feel more comfortable throughout treatment.


Through consistent, regular wear, Invisalign in Tulsa, Oklahoma, can help adults get the smile they want without braces. Call True Smile Orthodontics at 918-364-2222 to schedule a consultation with our orthodontist. Dr. Chris Trockel can help patients choose how to solve their malocclusion symptoms.