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Retainers are amazing. Why is that? Well, when your braces come off, your teeth can sometimes slip back into their old alignment. Retainers can keep your teeth in their correct position, helping you maintain the straight and healthy smile for which you’ve worked so hard. Your retainer helps you, so return the favor. That way it can help you even better.

Every time you clean your teeth, you’ll want to clean your retainer as well. Scrub it with the toothbrush and toothpaste to remove all bacteria and then rinse it under cold water. For an extra clean, soak your retainer in denture solution for the time that is recommended on the label.

When you don’t have it in your mouth, keep your retainer in a safe place. Place it in its little retainer box to protect it from damage. Once it’s secure in its container, you need to place the container in a place that you won’t forget. This can be in your bathroom cupboard, drawer, or bedside table.

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