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Trick or Treating is a time honored Halloween tradition. But as you go from house to house, or trunk to trunk, or shop to shop, those of you wearing braces, or who have children wearing braces have some things to think about. Just like we discussed during the Tulsa State Fair, there are certain treats that are not quite suited for those wearing braces. So here are some tips on how you can care for your teeth during the Halloween season.

Keep in mind, braces are bound to your teeth with the purpose of only coming off when your treatment has ended. But eating sticky, hard, or gummy candies can detach one or more of your braces from your teeth. The last thing you want is to spend Halloween with a wire poking around in your mouth. To avoid this, break up what candy, or other treats you have into smaller pieces, and avoid anything too hard or sticky. Here are some treats to avoid.


Candy with Nuts
Gummy Bears
Jelly Beans
Candy Corn
Hard Pretzels

We understand that it’s Halloween, you’re probably going to eat some sweets! We just want to remind you that after you cheat a little and have some candy, or other delicious treats, be sure to spend some time cleaning your teeth. No one wants to finally get their braces off, only to find that underneath your braces are white marks. Using mouthwash with fluoride is also advised so you can keep your teeth strong while you’re wearing your braces. Clean your teeth regularly, and you’ll be happy when all is said and done.

There are some treats that you can eat, that won’t harm your orthodontic work, just as long as you be sure to clean your teeth afterwards. Here are some treats we suggest.

Easy to chew goodies
Ice Cream
Soft Cookies
Peanut Butter Cups
3 Musketeers

When it comes to Halloween, we understand that part of the fun is enjoying a bunch of treats! I mean, who wants to be tricked, right? As long as your are smart about what you eat, so that you don’t do any damage to your teeth or the braces working to straighten your teeth, you should be able to have a great night! Happy Halloween from your favorite Tulsa Orthodontist! True Smile Ortho!