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You will spend a great deal of time wearing your braces. You will have them on for months, maybe even for a year or more. And, you will invest a great deal of money in your braces. It is money and time well spent, since a well-aligned smile is a healthy one. But you need to protect that investment. That means avoiding hard, tough, and sticky foods that can damage your braces, wearing a mouthguard when you play sports and not chewing on things like pens. But from time to time, your braces may get damaged. What should you do when that happens?

First, call your orthodontist; he may want to see you as soon as possible or may have you wait for your next appointment


If one of your spacers falls out, don’t panic. This usually means that the spacer is done doing its’ job and that it is time for your orthodontist to place a band. If a band comes loose, leave it alone, and make an appointment to see the orthodontist. If it falls out, save and it bring it with you to the office. If a bracket comes loose, let your orthodontist know. Use dental wax to cover it, if it is irritating your mouth. If a wire breaks, you can try pushing it back into place with a pencil eraser, and coat it with dental wax until you can see the orthodontist. You should call the orthodontist before you cut the wire since you can accidentally inhale or swallow it.


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