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If you’re looking to improve your smile with a highly effective treatment, one of the first dentistry specialists you should consult with is an orthodontist. If your teeth are out of alignment for any reason or your jaw is not in the proper alignment as well, it can cause a severe downturn in your oral health. The best smiles are straight smiles, so it is important to always make sure your teeth are in their proper alignment.

If for any reason your teeth are too far spaced or abnormal, overcrowded, or suffer any kind of malocclusions, orthodontic corrections will be required. Several orthodontic treatments can be applied to help correct teeth through the use of aligners, retainers, and braces. Through the use of oral appliances and other orthodontic treatments, it is possible to restore teeth to their proper positions.

Although orthodontics is associated with young children, it is possible to provide orthodontic care for all ages including adults looking to fix their smiles. Oftentimes, adults are concerned with the stigma attached to orthodontic aligners, but with modern dentistry, it is possible to use clear and removable orthodontic treatments to give them the oral health care they need. If you would like to know more about orthodontics, visit your orthodontist for a comprehensive examination.

Are you interested in orthodontic treatments in Tulsa or Bixby, OK? If so, you are welcome to schedule an appointment with Drs. Christopher and Martin Trockel at our orthodontic office by calling us at 918-364-2222. True Smile Orthodontics looks forward to enhancing your smile with orthodontics.