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Does anyone ever ask a person with braces why they are getting braces? No, because usually they assume they are getting braces because they want to straighten their teeth. Which makes perfect sense. But did you know that there are many other benefits to getting braces aside from receiving beautiful straight teeth. Here are a some of the great benefits that also come from receiving orthodontic treatment.

Improvement in Chewing

Many times our jaw and teeth are out of line which makes chewing food more difficult. Sometimes these problems are improved with time. But if not improved, it can cause teeth to quickly wear out, and chewing can become more difficult. If the problem continues, the muscles in the jaw will become weak. This will cause your chewing to become painful.

Improved Digestion

If you can’t chew great, chances are, your digestion won’t be so great either. Many don’t know that your teeth play a pivotal role in digestion. The digestion actually begins when you start chewing and the teeth grind up the food. If teeth are not in line with each other, the food doesn’t always break down the way it should. And when food isn’t broken down properly, it takes a lot longer for food to go through the digestive system.

shutterstock_351429728Improves Issues With Speech

There are many faced with speech difficulties. And while speech therapy can help, it might not be the only way to receive treatment. Teeth can affect
the way we speak. If teeth are not in alignment, it can affect where the tip of the tongue is placed. Sound like ‘d’, ‘n’, and ‘t’ are affected by tongue placement.

Overall Improvement in Oral Health

When teeth are crooked, overlapped, or crowded, having quality oral hygiene is difficult. Bacteria and plaque can find places to hide where normal brushing and flossing might not reach. This can cause issues such as:

Gum Disease
Tooth Decay
Your oral health will be benefited immediately by the straightening of your teeth. Dental hygiene will be easier therefore leading to a healthier mouth. shutterstock_276444959

So if you are considering getting braces, whether it be traditional ceramic braces, clear braces, incognito, or Invisalign, remember that you will be benefitted by much more than just that beautiful smile.