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When it comes to celebrating National Children’s Dental Health Month, we hope the overall objective is that children learn about dental healthSugarWars as well as improve their dental hygiene skills. But we want them to enjoy the learning process as well.

The ADA (American Dental Association), has developed a slogan for this year’s National Children’s Dental Health Month. It goes as such: 2minX2! The message is that children should brush their teeth for two minutes a day, two times a day. This simple slogan will help children remember how long and how many times they should be brushing.

The ADA has developed fun programs that parents can do with their children that don’t only have to be done during NCDHM. There are calendars where a child can check off every time they’ve brushed their teeth, or certificates for being part of the “USS Sugar Swatter” . There are many activities provided by the ADA. You can download all of them if you choose, right here. Or you can select an activity, whether it be coloring, crossword puzzles, word finders, and much more, individually, right here.

By doing these activities associated with teeth, and brushing teeth, and dental hygiene, we believe children will learn to be excited about taking care of their teeth. This is great, because when the time comes, they will have strong healthy teeth ready to be straightened by their favorite Tulsa orthodontists, Dr. Trockel or Dr. Trockel.

Just remember 2minX2! Have fun with your children, and in return, they’ll enjoy brushing their teeth on a regular basis. Happy National Children’s Dental Health Month everyone! Now go brush your teeth!