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Cases may be submitted from a digital scan such as with the use of an iTero or Trios 3 Shape scanner. We also accept traditional models via mail.
All doctors will have access to their own encrypted and HIPPA compliant web portal to submit cases (STL files, x-rays, photos, and clinical notes), communicate with the orthodontist, as well as track progress of all orders from submission date to shipping date.

How did True Smile Aligners come to be…

Our patients are requesting clear aligners instead of using traditional metal or even ceramic braces for their orthodontic treatment more and more. We originally offered a variety of aligner products to our patients and found immense success in helping our patients obtain their goals for their smile. From a user and clinical perspective, we continued finding areas of concern with the aligner companies we were using. In short, they were falling short of the standard we felt comfortable with. We continually had to step in and make corrections to ensure our patients had the best experience possible with their aligners. We began putting so much time and effort into quality control of the aligner products we offered that we decided we were basically doing this ourselves…so why not actually do it ourselves?

We made the decision to further invest in equipment and software that allowed us to use our orthodontic training more fully to completely design, create, and control an all new aligner system. True Smile Aligners was born. We use combinations of high-tech software to digitally move teeth, print 3-D models of the teeth, and fabricated aligners that outperform other aligner brands. We have coupled our product with an easy-to-use doctor/user portal to make case submission, case tracking, and case-based communication simple and streamlined.

True Smile Aligners are designed, created, and approved by an American-based orthodontist. Treating our patients’ orthodontic needs with True Smile Aligners allows us to offer the best aligner orthodontic care available in the country. True Smile Aligners allow for smarter attachments specifically designed for proper torque and movement, minimal IPR, and faster treatment times. Even class II and class III elastics can be used with True Smile Aligners. We use an assortment of high-quality plastics to fabricate True Smile Aligners so that all trays provide the most effective and efficient movement of our patients’ teeth.

We save a tremendous amount of chair time with our True Smile Aligners, as there is no need for emergency appointments…no brackets to come off, no wires poking and causing discomfort, and better patient hygiene. Each set of True Smile Aligners are designed to be worn for two weeks. We recommend having your patients come in for a short appointment every 6 to 8 weeks to ensure their teeth are tracking properly and ensure proper compliance with the trays.

True Smile Aligners have been so well received by our patients and we have been so pleased with the results and the ability to maintain control over the quality of the product that we decided to share our little secret. True Smile Aligners are the smartest, clearest, most affordable way to offer orthodontic aligners. We now have orthodontists and general dentists throughout the country sharing True Smile Aligners with their patients.

Contact us today for more information on how you can offer True Smile Aligners for your patients. They deserve the clearest alternative.
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