At True Smile Orthodontics, we are proud to offer a one-of-a-kind treatment for our patients: True Smile Aligners. Our orthodontists and team are dedicated to providing our patients with the highest-quality of care that is also convenient for their lifestyle. This is why Drs. Christopher and Martin Trockel went ahead and combined this dedication with years of knowledge and experience to create True Smile Aligners in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Over the years, our orthodontists have noticed a pattern with our patients: more and more people are asking for alternative treatments to traditional metal braces. While we happily provided a variety of dental aligners to treat our patients, we soon unearthed some disheartening concerns with the products we were using. In short, they were not living up to the standards we wanted to maintain in our practice. Over and over again, we had to add corrective treatments to our patients’ treatment plans to ensure that our patients received the results they want.

Fast forward a bit, and you have True Smile Aligners: a combination of advanced dental technology that uses digital 3D images of your teeth to create aligners that are true replicas of your smile. We also created a user-friendly doctor/user portal to track your treatment. There are several other benefits to True Smile Aligners, including:

  • Allows for smarter attachments designed to properly move your teeth into place, including class II and class III elastics
  • Results in faster treatment times
  • Uses the same safe, durable, and effective plastic for each phase of treatment
  • Removes the need for poking brackets and wires

True Smile Aligners were designed, created, and approved right here in America by our two incredible orthodontists with you in mind. This treatment is truly designed to properly align your unique smile. Please feel free to call or visit our practice for more information, or visit